Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Black Dress

Each book - RM10
Publisher: Little Black Dress

1. She Woke Up Married (Suzanne Macpherson) ~sold to Yana~
2. Confession of An Air Hostess (Marisa Mackle)
3. The Accidental Virgin (Valerie Frankel)
4. The Girlfriend's Curse (Valerie Frankel) ~sold to Yana~
5. Hex and The Single Girl (Valerie Frankel)
6. Testing Kate (Whitney Gaskell) ~sold to by Yana~
7. Pick Me Up (Zoe Rice) ~sold to Yana~
8. Lost for Words (Lorelei Mathias) ~ booked by Azim~
9. Sex, Lies and Online Dating (Rachel Gibson) ~ booked by Azim~
10. One Night Stand (Julie Cohen) ~sold to Yana~

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