Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lipstick Chronicles

Actually the price of both books are RM33.95 each...but...I'm giving away both books for only RM30..Yep...two books at one price!

Author - Book 1:  Kathryn Shay, Fiona Kelly, Vivian Leiber, Lynn Emery

Hilarious sexy chronicle of five women at work, at play and in love...

Elyssa is a successful CEO who doesn't skid to a stop over just any guy. Alix is still reeling after the perfect love of her life turned perfectly gay. Dana, the queen of one-night-stands, is struggling with her new role as a "born again virgin". Carole is worldly, wise and more than a little wary after a 13 year run with her ex. And then there's Robyn, flightly, run and way too optimistic for her own good.

Author- Book 2:  Vivian Leiber, Emily Carmichael and Kathryn Shay

Welcome to, the online greeting card company where the rules of romance are about to be broken..

Elyssa - powerful CEO who finds herself powerless against the charms of a man determined to turn her life upside down.

Dana- A whiz at snappy greetings and sweet sentiments. But no words can describe where love is taking the queen of one night stands

Carole- Just this side of jaded after the end of her marriage. But the Y chromosome can still yield some satisfying surprises

As for Robyn and Alix, while finding a Mr.Right who isn't all wrong, they must keep Elyssa happy, Dana calm and Carole under control. Because wedding bells will be ringing for one of them soon and they are all about to discover just what friends are for...



  1. booked!!!

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  2. kak dyqq: next tyme urm..drop kt email eh