Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Added to my collection : Part 2

Being a book-a-holic, I just love the smell of new books when I enter the bookshops...*bliss*. I can't resist looking at them...and buying them of course.

Yesterday I went out to meet my MMU frens for lunch. While waiting, I managed to go to Kinokuniya and bought a few books for myself, my youngest brother and my lovely sister + her baby...

But the piccas below are only my books..hehe..

Ouh I almost forgot, last weekend I had tea time with my BFFs at Taste, Bangi, they even sell books on BAKING...sooo I bought two - Crumbles and Cobblers, another one is luvs!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Books =)

I'm adding new books...oh yeah, helping out some friends too!


RM 15







Added to my collection

I don't mind investing money in books rather than any branded stuff? Why? Because knowledge lasts and can be shared.

I bought a few books from Borders and MPH, some are for myself, some are to be given away as gifts [I love giving books as gifts!]

Thank you Kak Am for this book

I will try the recipes, u bet!

The middle one is mine. On the left is for Mama, on the right is for Kak Am

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sorry lama x update...down with flu+ cough...skang da internet connection went off cz ade some delinquents stole the line cable...but thankfully it has been rectified soonest =)

Ok...let's start back...FYI, the books listed below are Non-Fiction..which also means we have come to the end of the list of books to be sold! [woopsie, tlupa, yg previous post pun kire as non-fict k!]

Price: RM20

~Booked by Kak Chita~

Price: RM15

~Sold to Kak Diy~

Price: RM10

~Booked by Alan~

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hugs to Brighten Your Day

Author: Ashley Moore and Korie Robertson

Price:  RM10

~Booked by Kak Chita~

Jane Eyre

Classic Novel... I think I went to watch the theater during my school years =)

Author: Emily Bronte

Price: RM10

The Host

One of Stephenie Meyer books in my collection [others are Twilight Saga and Eclipse Novella]... For me...she shud take a break after writing the saga... Honestly, I prefer Twilight Saga more..or is it because I love vampires and werewolves rather than entertaining myself about aliens??  LOL...

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Price: RM40